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Hartlepool Minibus

Hartlepool Minibus

Is a visit to Hartlepool the first or is this your usual holiday destination? Whatever the case, Hartlepool Minibus is here to take care of all your transport needs. We offer the most efficient transport system to all our customers throughout Hartlepool and beyond. Our vehicles come with amenities like curtains, recliner seats, music systems and wine coolers, just to mention a few. All these are meant to make your journey comfortable and pleasant.


Hartlepool Minibus with Driver

Driving your team from one place to the other can be a challenging experience. The fatigue that comes with it will make the trip less enjoyable for everyone. However, if you hire our minibus with a driver, we handle all the hassle and let you sit back and enjoy the journey. Note that a hired driver comes with a lot of perks. For example, you get to interact with all your team members at a personal level. Also, you can even hold important video meetings while on the go as our buses also come with Wi-Fi connectivity. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about who your designated driver will be when you are out having drinks. A minibus with driver gives you some peace of mind in the knowledge that someone will be waiting to drive you whenever you want to go even if it is very late at night.

Our drivers are amply trained and experience. They know how to navigate the city and will help you avoid traffic. They do it by driving through various alternate routes that you wouldn’t possibly be aware of if you had to drive yourself. They can also manoeuvre their way around the city with great ease, and so, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Our drivers are also very friendly and willing to suggest some fun places to visit during your visit to Hartlepool. There are many places and services that our drivers provide, and some of these include the following.

Airport Transfers

You do not have to travel all the way to Hartlepool without knowing how you will get from the airport to your hotel. Simply make a booking online and hire a minibus from our fleet so that we can wait for you at the airport. Our package includes transporting you from the airport to where you will be staying, taking you on any planned tips and dropping you off at the airport at the end of your visit. Simply get in touch with us and let us know when you will be arriving so that one of our drivers can wait for you at the airport for the transfer.

It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling alone or as a group. We have a wide range of vehicles to accommodate different sizes of travel parties. Our coaches can accommodate up to 70 passengers. This means that we will be able to pick everyone in your party from the airport at the same time without having to split you into groups.

Day Trips

Hartlepool has numerous well-known destinations like the Hartlepool Historic Quay and the Museum of Hartlepool. Here you will learn all their culture and history. If you are travelling with children, Hartlepool Minibus will also suggest some children-friendly destinations like the Quadz 4 All where the young ones can enjoy riding quad bikes that are for all ages. Let your kids enjoy competing with their friends on the tracks. Another great place is the Funky World that is filled with innovative equipment to help you play and learn. You will find a soft play area where the young ones can enjoy playing while you and your mates enjoy a show at their big screen cinema or go for the Bristow. You can also take your mates on at a video game on their Sony PlayStation 3. This is definitely the best place for the entire family, and the best thing is that our Hartlepool Minibus drives will be right outside waiting to drive you to your next destination or back to your hotel.

Stag and Hen Parties

Are you planning to get hitched in Hartlepool? Well, let us be a part of the excitement by driving you and your party to the best stag or hen party destinations in town. Our drivers know all the places where such parties go down. Alternatively, they can take you to venues where you can spend the entire day bonding with your groomsmen like the Hartlepool Golf Club. Go tee off with your mates as you enjoy your last day as a bachelor. Later, you can sit down in their dining room and enjoy a meal together before our drivers take you to your destination for the night stag party.

Our drivers also know the best places to hold a hen party. Get your girls spoilt throughout the night with liquor and performances that they will remember for a long time. Don’t worry about getting back to your hotel as these esteemed drivers will be waiting right outside to ensure you travel back safely.


We understand that weddings are a great deal and you might be having relatives travelling from far and wide. All you have to do is know the number of people who have to be picked either from the airport or the railway station. We will give you a quote according to the distance our drivers have to go in order to pick everyone. Having a wedding is a time for celebrating together and making merry. This will not be possible if your party has to travel in separate vehicles. This is where our minibuses and coaches come in. They are big enough to accommodate everyone so that you get to travel together. These vehicles also come with all the luxuries a bride would love to experience on her big day. We always ensure the bride gets to her wedding venue relaxed, rested and feeling happy as this is a tiring day for everyone involved. Our drivers will also be waiting to drive you to your reception area before dropping off the party at their hotels as the couple proceeds to their honeymoon destination.

Give Hartlepool Minibus a chance to make your visit to Hartlepool a memorable one with our top-notch services. We promise nothing but the best!

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